Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Useless Wednesday Post

You're not gonna get a whole lot from me today. My mom is in from out of town and we're doing wedding planning stuff. I think most of wedding planning falls under the heading of "I'd rather be raiding". Then again, what doesn't in life? I'm just lucky that my fiancee probably agrees with me. Doesn't bode well for our productivity as a couple me'thinks. We'll have a very active and healthy pretend life :-).

My meme is spreading, which is cool because people seem to enjoy the topic, which makes me happy. Need More Rage was hit with it today, and I have always enjoyed time spent over there, especially for a non-warlock, not much theorycrafting blog. Just very entertaining writing.

I'm trying to noob it out as a DK and gear up by doing PvP. Why? Because I've never done it before. Any good guides out there that y'all might know of? I need some decent gear bad though because I feel way to squishy as a plate wearer. I really want to the PvP kitty mount though (and to get rid of the screaming horse). Oh, and I now officially hate Rogues. I don't care what class I am, they follow me, stun me, and kill me. How many stuns do they have too? I trinket out of the first only to get hit with another! I'll admit to being a complete PvP newb, but man rogues piss me off. Rogues and Mages. I don't have a good reason for mages... just *points to self* warlock.

I'll be raiding Weds, Thurs, and Fri. 10 man tonight, 25 man the other two days. That's a lot of raiding for me. Thurs and Friday I'll get to just sit back and be a normal DPS (not RL), which will be a nice little break. While I enjoy leading, it is sometimes nice to be able to just focus on your own crap.

Anyways, like I said... no substance. *shrug* I'm gonna try and at least find a funny picture, because work sucks and I need a laugh. (Okay, got one up... courtesy of one of my favorite sites: GraphJam, because as a certified and licensed nerd, graph jokes are hilarious to me. Plus, this fits with how much my job actually utilizes my education even in an engineering position. I'd have another gigantic bar in there from "blogging/WoW".)

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