Monday, March 23, 2009

Turn Off The Exp Bar... Again.

Got my second toon to 80 last night. Woot! Also picked up my T7.10 Warlock legs in Naxx as we continued our "farming". All in all, a good night, but hardly anything to write about.

I'm holding off on spec work until 3.1. I'm also hesitant to get too excited about anything with all the changes I know are coming. For instance, my DK currently employs a very fun frost spec, but if they nerf IT like it seems they're going to, I may have to look elsewhere for a fun spec. Also, its tough to get comfortable in any warlock rotation when you know they're going to change it. The good news about that is if they just make UA and Immolate take the same "spot" (meaning you can't have both active at the same time), instead of removing fire damage bonuses, that means we can still use rain of fire, which is a good thing. I was going to be upset if we went back to only being able to seed. I mean, I love SoC, but sometimes you need the controllable, non-target needing area of RoF. It's nice to have the two options.

In short, until we get a live patch, I'm hesitant to get comfortable with anything because it's sure to change.

Maybe I'll make a list of the 25-man badge gear I'm looking forward to if we start that soon. How's the T7.10 bonus working for everyone else? Having just picked up only my 2nd tier piece (the purchasable gloves are a downgrade to the naxx drop "dark gestures" that I got, so I'm only sporting pants and robe now), I finally activated the first of the two bonuses. I'm wondering what it'll do to my DPS...


  1. Congrats on the 2nd 80. I have not worked on my hunter since Syr dinged 80... I really should finish off that last level... and grats on the gear upgrade as well!

    It certainly will be interesting to see how the spell changes will play out after the patch.

  2. w00t! grats! My Warlock is 79 and should be 80 tomorrow!