Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lazy Link Thursday

Every once in a while around here, you'll see me get lazy and just post up links of other people's stuff. Usually I try to keep it topical and fun, but it's just been a busy week for me. That and last night I went out and had sushi with Fuu and we took a WoW night off (*gasp*). What with the increased pressures of raid leading (when you see success, it seems people turn to you for answers, which is good because I normally have them... just can be time consuming), the increase pressures of wedding planning (who would have thought getting married requires more patience and effort than leading a 25-man Naxx raid of PuGged asshats), and other miscellanea, I just needed a night off.

As such, I don't really have any clever ideas today.

I will, however, pass along some good reading to keep you WoWtertained (I like creating words... unwarlockerly was my new favorite today).

Despite my QQ, when things are starting to fall together with your raiding crew, it really is an exciting time. Do we push on to 25? How to get everyone geared? What new strats are we going to have to learn? How to spread out the talent and experience? It's exciting stuff and why I love to raid. I wanted to pass along two other recent posts that seem to share in my raid-love with their messages: Larisa over at Pink Pigtail Inn tells a great tale about staying positive in the face of raiding adversity (and not letting your raid crew get "fat") and Elleiras exemplifies the old adage about how you "miss 100% of the shots you don't take" by providing an excellent example of what can happen when you take a chance.

If you've already read both of those, then I suggest catching up on Looking For Group. If, like me, you've just now discovered this wonderful WoW comic (love the warlock character), you probably have a lot of reading to do.

If you're caught up on that, then you have even less of a life than I do and I feel I must suggest that you find a pretty girl (or handsome boy *coughcough*) and go get some sushi because, my friend, you need to get out more. (And if you don't like sushi, go get a cheezburger or something.)

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  1. LFG is awesome. Richard was my inspiration for my Shadowpriests RP personality.