Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Naxx Picture Book Post

I swear this is the last one. I mean, there are no more bosses left to pwn :-D. Awesome run last night by all involved...

The night started with a "few-shot" kill of 4 horsemen.

The Apocalypse is Gonna Hafta Wait

Then continued with a personal best on Patchwerk as we cleared the construct wing.

4k, Here I Come!

Then we few-shot Gluth...

Bad Dog!

Continuing to Thaddius, I must say that this boss really appealled to my inner electrical enginerd. Really a fun fight.

One Shot, You're Shocked I Know (Aha).

With the big "Mo" on our side, we went into what was for 9 of the 10 people (including yours truly the RL), our first look at Sapphiron.

One Shot Again, No FR Gear, Just Pure Awesomness.

It was getting late, but we figured "what the hay" and finished up with a few-shot of Kel'Thuzad, completing our alliance's first full clear.

Freeze This.


  1. Woo hoo lets full clear again tonight!

  2. Congrats and nice numbers! :D

  3. Woot, congrats! Time to put it on farm status!

    (Still can't read from work but popped in on the netcafe' during a lunch break to catch up. Awesome work!)