Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kel'Thuzad Cliff Notes Version

I was given the opportunity last night to help with some tries on Kel'Thuzad (25-man). The guild I ran with was very much a progression guild with focus on 25-man content, so there were a lot of good players here and it was much more of a "hardcore" environment that I normally run in. Still, everyone was sharp, polite, and it was fun although we did not taste success. I wanted to relate a sort of "cliff notes" version of the fight for future reference, so see if you like this summary from a ranged DPS perspective:

KT is a two phase fight.

Phase 1 - The entire group will run together into the large circle in front of the big guy. This will start the encounter. Trash will begin to come slowly from all sides. The group remains in the circle and kills the trash as it comes. There are three basic flavors of trash here. Skeletons are easy kills, Abominations must be tanked when they reach the circle (or have a DK pull them in), Banshees will remain at a distance and can be ranged down. After a set amount of time, phase 1 will end.

Phase 2 - Kel'Thuzad himself now joins the fight. The MT must pick him up and position him accordingly (normally near where he started), DPS must finish off any remaining adds and then spread out, giving at least ten yards of space between each ranged member. Melee will be behind the boss. At this point, after the tank has aggro, you unleash the beast on KT. You have to watch out for a few things:
  1. He will mind control two random members of the group. They need to be CC'ed accordingly (sheeping, etc...).
  2. He will put a "bomb" on a random member that explodes with a 10yd range. If you get this bomb, it is your job to make sure you don't kill anyone else with it. If you're spaced right, should be okay, but you really do need to check.
  3. He will ice tomb random members as well, this is reason two for spreading out, because I believe it has a similar 10yd radius of effect.
  4. He will do lots of AoE damage to keep healers on their toes. About halfway through the fight (depending on DPS speed), adds will join the party. These need to be picked up by tanks and managed as the DPS stays on KT to burn him down. If all goes well.. success!
I must say, we were only able to get him down to 14% with this strategy, but it was just bad luck here and there it seemed. The group I was with was still very much in the learning stage. Feel free to recommend pointers, but I just figured I'd pass this along while it was fresh.


  1. Did you by any chance go with Viral? Darf and I tried 25 man KT with them last week. Definitely is tricky.

    One tip I have - if you use x-perl, there is an option in the properties to turn on "show range" - this will open a little box that will list everyone who is within 10 yrd range of you. This is extremely helpful if you are trying to avoid doing damage to those around you.

  2. Things get interesting when you toss in Druids to the mix. Shape-shifted druids can't be polymorphed, but Ferals can be put to sleep by fellow druids, or sleeped or feared by hunters, Trees can be banished by Warlocks (they count as elementals).

    It's a very rough fight for melee, especially if you have... well... ANY.

    On 25-man I (as a bear tank that will be taking care of 2 scarabs later) spend my time in the first part of phase two standing around casting faerie fire and cyclone (CC) when it's needed and just generally trying not to get anybody else killed.

    The mortal danger with melee is making sure your tank doesn't get ice-blocked. What we usually do is try to space any melee out in an equilateral triangle around the base of KT. The ice block only has a 5-yard range I think, and if melee is at max range of KT and spaced around him properly you'll only have one group ice-blocked at a time and your tank won't get hit.

    I think that casters actually have a bit easier job of it, though they do need to keep on their toes and do their part to CC teammates when the need arises.

    OH, also, keep an eye on KT's cast bar, it helps a whole lot if that ice block spell can be interrupted.

  3. @Jess - Hmm... maybe. They're a good crew. I'll have to fiddle with that as I definitely use x-perl

    @SAC - I totally want to banish a tree!!!