Monday, March 23, 2009

It's only a "Meme"ory

Ok, since I was so delightfully tagged by a smelly, maggot eating Shadow priest, I will spill the beans on how I became Fuubaar.

Fuubaar started actually as Fuubar when I played my very first MMORPG. This of course was Final Fantasy XI and it was a total time suck for college! I had watched a TON of anime (still do when I have the time) mainly Samurai Shamploo, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. etc. I fell in love with a character named Fuu on Samurai Shamploo. She was quarky and akward but always strong and self reliant. So, I rolled a paladin but you needed more than 3 letters for a name. So became Fuubar (alcohol was involved). Many people still, to this day, ask me if I was in the military or they just laugh. If you don’t know what F.U.B.A.R. is you might wanna look it up. Most people just call me Fuu for short.

Tamedfuu was my first alt that I rolled. Since she was a huntard, I had to name her something hunter’esk. Tamed popped into my head after I dinged 10 because I was ummm taming things. I slapped fuu at the end of it because I wanted people to know who I was and I HATE it when people name their toons things and I can’t figure out who you are darn it! The more interesting part of this is how I’m naming my pets. Once I reached the fine age of 20, I wanted to tame a Ghostsaber because of how cool they looked and I wanted to have a BAMF kitty by my side. I rolled with its name of Cat for a while so that I could have some time to think about its name. I’m going to keep that kitty for the rest of my toon’s long life so I better like it! I have a psychology minor and I really enjoy reading about Dr.’s studies so why not name my pets by their respective Psych. Dr.’s :) Enter Darwin. Darwinism is the study of evolution and survival of the fittest. Well, Darwin chooses who is fit & who survives. With Tamed at ranged and Darwin mauling your face, not much passes that test if you know what I mean. I do plan on naming a wolf Pavlov (I wish I could carry around a bell) and for the rest, I’m not sure yet.

Wildlace is my very first RP’ing toon. She is a Tauren Druid who loves to be natural. She received her name from a naturally occurring (aka weed) flower in Indiana. Often times, during the summer months, you can see entire fields over run with these. When this occurs it has the appearance of snow because of its massive white tops. The picture up on the top of this post is what it looks like. Imagine an entire field full of these… absolutely breathtaking!

Anyways, I have a few others that I named through RNGs then slapped Fuu at the end because they sounded cool except for Baggons who is, of course, my Homosexual human Rogue who likes to carry a flower & wear Fuubaar’s dresses around Stormwind. Yeah, he’s not ashamed to say that he’s a very stylish bank alt.

To Continue this Meme journey, I'm going to tag anyone who would like to join in! Is this a cop-out? Maybe. But I don't want to be the person who screws up Ful's fun. Or do I?

/shifty eyes


  1. I suppose your name is quite fitting for your pally after multiple wipes, amirite? ;)

  2. But.. I luz maggots =(

  3. Syrana, it fit my pally MUCH better before Wrath came out. Paladins Sucked! Today, everyone has Pally Envy muahahahahahaha

    Bubble Hearth ftw!