Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Would Like To Thank...

*enter stage left, takes up spot at podium*

... the souls in my bag, for stacking so neatly and being generally helpful.
... my demons, for heeding my call, albeit sometimes unwillingly.
... Seed of Corruption, for wonderful explosions of pain.
... the warlock council that resides in the basement of the bar in Stormwind, for all their help and guidance through the levels.
... that one dude that sits out in the middle of the blasted lands, forgotten and alone, for teaching me to harness the Doomguard.
... each one of my wonderful DoTs, for doing what you do best.
... haste, because stacking it is like crack.
... spellpower, and all the benefits thereof.
... my wonderful wonderful shadowbolt, especially when you curve around corners, bringing death with you.

*gets "wrap it up" gesture from off stage*

... and um, my family? Wait no, killed them. Elune? Ha, right, like a warlock would...

*more emphatic "wrap it up" gesture*

... and finally, thanks to all the corpses left in the wake of my awesomeness... couldn't have done it without ya! Thanks!

*halfhearted clapping*
*exit stage right*

So, Larisa over at TPPI awarded me the prestigious "Pink Pigtail Inn Blog Award", and my Warlock accepted for me. I suppose I maybe could have sent a better representative, but the DK would have probably offered more of the same, and people would have thought the microphone was busted ("No, that tin can sound is natural").

This award, of course, is part of a much larger meme-type thingy going around the blogosphere in general (I believe it is actually non-wow specific, which is kinda cool. Sometimes its easy to forget that people, you know, blog about other stuff). 7 people is an awful lot of people to tag and 10 questions are an awful lot to manufacture, so I'm going to take my "minion of evil" prerogative again and twist the rules to something more to my liking.

First, I'd like give my own version of the award to just three bloggers that are near and dear to my corrupted and contained soul:

And, the Shiny Soul(s) goes(go) to...

Syrana @ S&S, Abigore @, and Nibuca @ the MC.

Syr and Abi are two of my most frequent commentors and fellow bloggers. I love what they do, I love what they say, and I thank them for their continued friendship to the blog and randomly inspired postings.

Nibs has long been my main warlocky squeeze when it comes to information and general afflictedness. I read her long before she even knew I existed and have used her wonderful maths and thoughts for inspiration both in-game and in-blog, so thank you.

Do not see the award as a tag, because I'm not exactly following the rules, but rather an acknowledgement that you three make my blogging world go 'round on most days. I have many other non-blogging commentors that I really appreciate (fin, jess, and ofcourse fuu, I'm looking at you guys in particular), but you kids don't have a place to link to (except fuu maybe here, but linking yourself is kinda lame).

To further break the rules, I will not post a random ten honest things, but will ask for ten questions to be submitted in the comments here that I will, in turn, answer in the comments. Only ten though, any more and I will clam up. Less, well, that's okay. I'll just feel sad that no one wants to know me (not really).

That's sort of following the rules, right?
(Workplace paint leaves something to be desired...)


  1. This is a meme about honesty. So please share with us something you have done in the game that you're proud of and something that you feel embarrassed about and would rather forget unless you were such a generous person sharing both triumphs and losses!

    This counts as one question or two, depending on how many questions you get...

  2. Aha, a trick question (or two in one or something)...

    Perhaps the proudest moment for me was when a random group of people I'd run with in the past called me into their Kara vent to explain the Nethersprite fight. I couldn't see the fight, didn't know many of the people, and still explained it well enough that they one-shotted it. I was quite proud of that, listening to the cheers on vent.

    The embarrassing moment is reoccuring, and is basically every time a rogue wtfpwns me. It happens a lot in PvP to me, and always makes me feel like a complete newb. I think one rogue chased me an entire BG just because I was an easy kill. I *hate* being an easy kill.

    Oh, or the time I was sitting in an instance (I think it was OS) and accidentally got a random PuG saved since we had cleared it and were forming a new group for 25-man. He was so pissed, and it was totally my fault for sitting inside like an idiot.

    See, I even gave you a bonus answer to match your bonus question :-).

  3. Awww! <3 /tear

    No, no, it's just dust... /swipes tear quickly

    Uhm. Okies, I'm better now.

    Hmm, what do I want to do know about the great Fulguralis... well, here's a question for really you and Fuu. (Totally non-WoW related question, really...) But, I love knowing gamer couples and am curious to know how you two met? :D And will there be a warlock table at the reception? :P

  4. So when is the big event (wedding)? Also, will you guys be totally AFK during the honeymoon, or are you bringing laptops to sneek in a couple raids? ;)

    And now a bit of personal gloating... At my new job, they don't block wowhead! or wowinsider! But for some reason, they do block pictures posted on blogspot. Hmmm.

  5. @ Syr - Cool story, we actually met in a Psycholgoy class at Purdue University due to a mutual friend. She actually introduced me to the world of MMO gaming (FFXI back then, and while I was definitely a gamer, I'd never really gone the MMO route). We actually discoved we shared a passion for gaming during class :-).

    And I wish there could be a warlock table. Weddings are expensive though and we both have huge families. Thus, we have like one table of close friends and I'm sad I can't invite more. Though I was thinking about trying to do something in-game after our honeymoon and stuff... like go to an inn and "feel a bit tipsy".

    @Fin - July 18th is the date. I'm reasonably sure we're going to be AFK for our honeymoon. We've actually discussed if the level of nerdiness would be too high if we took our laptops on our honey moon. Since we're going to the Dominican Republic (sort of out of the country), we're leaning towards leaving them at home just to avoid the hassle. I may try to throw up a blog post if I can find the internet at the resort :-).

  6. July 18th is going to be a Crazy day. When the Light & the Dark create grey? We better have tons of little Paladins running around the house :D

    Regarding the Honeymoon, I would love to be sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand & my laptop in my lap raiding 25 man Uld.

    One could only dream.....

    Ok here's a question for you Fulguralis, when was the first time you felt Uber with your warlock & why?

  7. @ Fuu - Pass on RL altitis for now. I'd like to level my main a bit more first. :-)

    Your laptop sucks too much to raid.

    And in regards to your question...

    The moment I rolled a Warlock... because, well, it's a warlock.

    In all honesty, I don't feel "uber". There are sometimes when I feel cool cuz I top a chart, roflstomp someone in PvP, or generally be a badass, but there are other times when I get stomped by players and bosses alike that make me feel silly.

  8. Very cool that Fuu introduced you to MMO's. Side was the one that introduced me to 'em (although I was already a gamer).

    I totally understand about the costs associated with a wedding (gawd was that expensive...) but it was worth a shot! ;)

  9. Ah, Dominican Republic was awesome. I went there on my honeymoon. It was the best beach I've ever seen. There wasn't much to do off of the resort though. Also, for some odd reason, everyone thought we were French. (I'm from midwestern US.)