Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Hunting BRK

I have a guest post scheduled to come up in an hour, but I wanted to make a small little note about the whole BRK thing.

I'm still small but growing a decent rate and being as huge as a BRK sort of scares me. I like my little corner of the world with nice commenters (many of which I know in-game). It's safe. At the same time, it's rewarding to have people respond to your writing. I think the challenge then is to remember that this is a hobby and not a job. We all pretty much gravitated here because of similar loves of writing and sharing ideas. That's what it's all about.

I try to crank out a post a day because it's like working out to me. I want to flex my writing muscle a little bit (one that is sorely underused in my engineering job). Sometimes you don't have time to work out in RL too. I try to treat it the same way.

People are going to move on from this game. It is inevitable and healthy. While the marks of such giants as BRK and Phaelia are widespread and lasting, they leave the blogosphere behind better than when they found it, having been the inspiration for dozens of new writers. In the end, when this game has come and gone, we're not going to remember subscription numbers or theorycrafting stats, but the time spent sharing a passion and writing about it. In the end, that's what each blogger and player will take with them, because that's why it's worth it. Memories are not counted in words or gold, but tears and smiles.

Mourn not the fall of the giants, but see them in all their glory, having completed their journies in this neck the woods, and gone ahead for new adventures. With a wave, a tear, and a smile, wish them good fortune and many a star-filled night. Recall the good times. Cherish the memories.

So, thanks to another giant who "gets it". If we should see you back in our wood, then let the games begin once more. If not, happy hunting.


  1. I haven't yet figured out what to say about BRK. Maybe I won't write anything because his farewell letter and the hundreds of comments speaks for themselves. This was a beautiful farewell post though. And I agree. What we will bring us from the era of blogging isn't the numbers. It's the moments of pride when we felt that we composed a really great post and the moments of connection when we've reached out and touched the minds of our readers and other bloggers. The communciation and the friendship. That's what makes it worth all the effort.

  2. /agree. And I just figured I'd go general since I'm neither a hunter nor a personal friend of the BRK, just a fellow blogger. I mean, really, what do you say to what he wrote? While you're sad for the game you're happy for the man, and we all know what's more important, though we try to escape from it for a time.

  3. You've said it wonderfully, and beautifully.

    We bloggers are a bit like nomads. When things change we move on and, like at an Irish Funeral, it's best to celebrate what was instead of mourning what has passed.

  4. So, you're telling me we should get drunk?


  5. Just for the record... there's something fishy going on over at BRK inc. anyways. I figure that if it is all a hoax, at least there are some nice general points in this points :-).