Monday, March 30, 2009

Give Me The New Rotation Already

PvP gearing from scratch is rough. I think its good for developing skills though. I mean, if I'm going 1 on 1 (or worse) with someone in a BG, I'm not going to win based on gear or class. In fact, I sometimes even get killed by mages, much to my chagrin. Don't even get me started on rogues. Therefore, to survive, I have to be quick and good in my crappy gear. Sometimes this works out, other times... not so much. In any case, its a challenge, which is good for when I do start getting gear. Mind you, I'm not even buying crafted crap... straight from greens to PvP purples is my goal :-).

I'm torn about this whole patch business. On one hand, it looks like my fun frost DK build is gonna get scrapped with the nerfing of Icy Touch and I'll have to go back to something less bursty and more disease-y. On the other hand, I'm quite ready for a little warlock shake-up. Having corruption return life is really nice, and I'm thinking more and more that DPS is made up in some extra shadow bolt crit. I'm not sure if its all win yet, but I welcome the change if only for the challenge. As its shaking down now, I'd go Corr, H, SB, (insert curse here appropriately), UA. I've said before that I mostly lead off with Corr just because of the instant-ness as I'm getting set up. It's just habit really.

Anyways, that's not a bad rotation. Certainly easier to keep up on complicated boss fights and easier to truncate for trash. To shorten it, I'd just leave off UA and the curse (depending on the expected length of life). It would also make corruption nice to use when running around PvP'ing in Wintergrasp and the like... just corr corr corr and laugh as you run away. I also usually throw on a CoA for good measure, then fear if they pay attention to me. There are far too many ways to get out of fear though, so running is usually preferable :-).

That's all for now... the Monday brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet...

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  1. PvP still makes me wanna punch someone in the face. Since Paladins have almost no ranged nor silencing abilites, if a warlock is in a crowd and he has it out for me, their isn't too much I can do. Yes, I can get out of the fears & yes I can cleanse myself but if I cant find him, I will eventually run out of mana & die.

    Lucky for me, I'm alliance & dont have to deal with Gnome Warlocks. He could be hiding in my pocket Doting me up & I wouldnt know the difference.