Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever Met A Coffeecrafter?

In WoW, we have theorycrafters. In RL, there exist a certain type of individual that could be called a Coffeecrafter. My cube mate is one such invidual. You wouldn't believe the amount of science and thought that can be put into making coffee until you talk to him for a bit. It's funny because he's sort of growing his own bootleg business around here. You see, we're not supposed to have our own coffee makers at work or anything, but he snuck one in and takes advantage of our filtered water to make some premium coffee. People stop by our desks just to trade coffee thoughts and experiences, and sometimes to drop off a bag of ground beans for the "next batch". It's almost like he's dealing drugs around here. If you've ever worked in an office environment, then you can probably understand how coffee would be analagous to crystal meth or heroine. People NEED their coffee, and they're willing to go to great lengths to get the stuff. Is it bad that I am totally intrigued in the coffee running activities of my cube mate? I'll be the first to admit, his bootleg is pretty darn good.

There really is no point to that, other than that we're sitting here laughing because someone just conspicuously dropped off a baggy of grounds...

On the WoW front, we got halfway through 25-man Naxx last night and I have to say... Instructor Raz on heroic makes me thankful that I'm not a shadow priest. That fight SUCKS. What's up with having to have a shadow priest too? Isn't that sort of against Blizz's policies of "bring the player not the class"? We got it down eventually, but, man was it chaotic, and there is NOTHING you can do as a DPS to help. You really just have to have faith in your brothers in shadow. I also hate the fight with Gothik. As a warlock, waves of trash really do not fit into my DPS style. Those two create back to back fights where I feel mostly helpless as a warlock.

In other news, I got in on a 10-man VoA run on my DK. She's still geared in nearly all quest greens (one blue), and not even really good quests at that (as I stopped as soon as I hit 80). The cool part was that with my facerolling frost spec, I did a respectable 1.5k DPS. I just basically hit IT > Howling Blast > BS > BS > Frost Strike... Then when I have death runes, I'll use IT or HB as they come up (throwing in the free HB when it procs). Basically, I lay out BS, IT, HB, and FS on 1-4 and faceroll over them (or at least that's what I feel like, even though I'm trying to be smart about it and time them up). I use the other abilities as they're called for, that's just the gist of how it works, and apparently I can put up some decent numbers even geared like crap.

We'll be finishing up Naxx tonight and then this weekend I'll continue with learning to PvP as a DK, gearing up along the way hopefully.

If you haven't left me a question on yesterday's post, I think I'm only up to 4 and there is some interesting stuff in there. Check it out :-).

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