Friday, March 6, 2009

Continuing With My Commenting Trend

There was another comment I responded to today over on a dual spec post at Fel Fire, which was in response to a whole 'nother issue I have with the way dual speccing is being proposed. I apologize for beating this dead horse, but I think its more interesting and widespread than recounting the fact that I dinged exalted with Sons of Hodir or picked up a 25 Emblem neck piece last night (and once again wondered aloud why the purple badge gear seems to be worse than my heroic blue drops).

Anyways, the suggestion was made in comments that as an Affliction Warlock, doesn't dual speccing really give us the fringe benefit of being able to spec, say, destro for trash mobs now. That way, we can stop complaining about how much we suck at trash, and just swap. In a way, some people already do this with gear now, but it is hardly a spec swap, as the suggestion intoned. There is a lot of validity to this argument, but here is my response.

The problem with that point of view arises when I don't *want* to play destro/demo. I specced Affliction because that is the playstyle I enjoy. If the tree is fundamentally broken for trash, shouldn't they fix that instead of just saying "lol spec destro/demo?" It's a cop-out. And like Elleiras said, I'm okay with not having great trash DPS if I can blow it away on the bosses. That's what I like about my chosen spec. Why should I be expected to swap from the way I enjoy? I want my tree to keep its identity and I want my small community of die hard afflictionados NOT to be expected to do just what you suggest. However, as it stands, why shouldn't we right? There would be no barrier to stop us from switching on the fly and then staying affliction through trash could be construed as selfish since you're not helping the raid as much as you could had you swapped. I, for one, rebel against this whole concept.

I'm all for playing the spec and playstyle that fits you, and then getting good at it. I don't care if you're a hybrid or not... if you like to heal, then heal. Tank, then tank. DPS... well you get the idea. If you happen to be good at multiple roles, then go you, but should all of us be forced into roles we don't want to play just because its now completely easy-mode?

Perhaps this is all a bit dramatic, but do you see the point I'm getting at? Stubborn? Sure! Wrong? You decide.

Short and sweet for sure, but what else is there to say? I don't want to go roll a fire mage any more than I want to respec destro. I'd love to try a demo PvP spec just to be able to pop meta and scare people, but that hardly has anything to do with raiding trash. In the past, Affliction has been awesome on bosses, mediocre on trash, and thus can fight for the top spot on overall meters. If we're just mediocre on bosses and sucky on trash, we can no longer fight. The solution then to just swap specs to be mediocre and mediocre would solve the "not being able to fight" problem, but at what cost? It's just a band-aid for the larger problem of the tree needing some work.

It looks to me like Blizz is still planning to pay proper attention to individual trees, so hopefully it stays that way. I'm just scared we'll start sweeping real problems under the dual spec rug.


  1. *applause*

    Ironic that I'm seeing this in your blog before I see it in mine, lol. Either way, I couldn't agree more!

  2. Also, if you find that you suck at DPS, Tanking, & Healing on your current spec....

    Faceroll a Dk!

    *this post brought to you by: Arthus Bites... They are so good, you'll wanna run out & kill someone.*

    Back to you Bob.

  3. You are totally right. The idea that an afflic lock should/would have a 2nd spec for trash is silly. No one should -have- to get dual spec training. Even hybrids shouldn't feel they HAVE to get it if they don't like switching or don't usually switch.

    It's (supposedly) being implemented to make respeccing more convenient for those players that do that on a regular basis, not to "fix" issues you are having with your main spec.

    Just because dual specs are being implemented does not mean it should be a given that everyone has it.

    Good comment and post, btw :)

  4. Afflictionados - I love it.