Monday, March 16, 2009

Cold As Ice

I've been actively avoiding reading any PTR notes because I'll probably just end up freaking out and QQ'ing along with everyone else who reads them. There have been a lot of changes already, and that trend will probably continue right up until 3.1 is released. The good news is that it appears things continue to get better for warlocks from what I'm able to glean from "not" reading the notes. DK's are a completely different story. There are far to many pages of changes for me to concern myself with.

However, I do know that one of the changes may be moving around the talent for Howling blast in the frost tree. This dismayed me somewhat because I really like that spell. I had toyed around with a frost spec on Abi's RP server before time dried up and I sadly haven't been able to play that toon in a while, raid leading being srs business and all. That, and if you've ever planned a wedding, you probably understand that the enrage timer seems very short and is most certainly undispellable (indispellable? Neither are really words). Wedding plans are more of a time sink than achievements and rep grinding put together. How's that for a WoW/RL comparison?

I guess I haven't had a whole lot of time is the main point of that paragraph above. Oh, right, that and that Howling Blast is cool, but might change soon. As a warlock, I don't exactly have what one would call "burst" damage. To me, howling blast is the epitome of burst... it is a decently high damage, instant cast, AoE attack. Awesome. Since I'm pretty much levelling my DK to be my fun/faceroll toon (I don't think I could consistently raid on the toon without feeling like a complete git), I wanted to try out other specs.

I've always avoided Unholy because I'm sick of dealing with pets. I love my warlock demons, mostly because I just pop them out and let them do their thing... no micromanaging. If they die, they die, no biggy. It's nice to have some of the utility when needed (the felpup's silence is oh so handing when running with a pally tank, since they don't have three ways to silence like a DK... PvPing a DK is like suicide for a warlock... then again so is pretty much any PvP right now), but they don't really need attention. This is sort of similar to unholy, and I've just been sick of not being able to jump anywhere because my pet aggros a room, or whatever. It's nice to just not think about it for once. Granted the ghoul is only a small part of unholy, but this is not my min/maxing toon.

I started out in blood because the idea of killing someone and healing yourself at the same time is very warlocky. The spec has been great for levelling, but it left me with something to be desired. Thus, when I rolled my RP DK, I started mucking around in the frost tree. When I picked up howling blast and frost strike, I felt ZOMG powerful on world mobs. I pressed like three buttons and... dead. Cool, burst damage! AoE to boot. This would be great for farming.

Thus, this weekend I bit the bullet and respecced even though I was trying to wait until 80 (I dinged 78 this weekend too). I'm looking at something like a 15/53/0 spec (is that the right number of talent points? Normally I talk about specs at home where I can access the talent calculator). I did pick up the 51 point talent even though its not a great DPS talent... I just hate going deep to not pick up the top tier. It seems like a waste to me.

I have to say, I love the spec. Put my blood strike on key one, IT on 2, Howling Blast on 3, and Frost Strike on 4. Let the facerolling commence. It's nice when you do a couple BS's and get the death runes (from the talent) and can chain like 4 IT's in a row (or HB's if you're killing a group). It's fun to just hit IT, Pestilence and then HB when you can. One would think this would put up some great damage. I'd love to get into an instance sometime soon to try it out, but even so it's just plain fun to quest with. I was still able to keep the run tap for healing too.

So I guess the point of all this rambling is that if you wanna try out a fun DK spec with some good AoE potential and no real dependency on diseases (it does help to put the frost disease on anything you want to blast, but no plague strikes), check out frost. It's not just for tanking.


  1. You weren't the only one who was curing your alt'itus Fever...

    My little huntard dinged 31 this weekend as well! She got her BoA shoulders & I even bought her a purple elephant. It's no mammoth but she'll just have to wait until like 50 more lvls....


  2. Nemesis and Decimation have be rushing to get my Warlock to 80 before patch day so I can try them both out in some heroics.

    *dusts off Soul Fire*