Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a Geyser!

Have you ever been startled at the force of a particularly forceful toilet flush? You know, the kind that get the seat all wet like it's trying to make believe its something more epic than a mere toilet? Like it thinks its Old Faithful or something? Well apparently I'd forgotten how forceful the toilets at work are. Luckily, as is common practice in public restrooms, I stood well back from the toilet when initiating the explosion, thus, no harm no foul.

Ah work, back to the grind. Back to regular posting again. You see, at work I can't play or otherwise waste time, so I'm back to writing and reading. Hence, you get to hear more from me. Yaaay (or groan, depending).

Oh yeah, WoW-blog, stay focused.

/focus on

Fuu and I were able to complete a variety of group quests in Icecrown yesterday. If any of you are struggling with these so-called five man quests, fear not... they do not all require five men (or women). In fact, none of them do. We were able to complete all of them with a level 75 druid healer, an 80 hunter, me, and fuu. We even three manned two of them before we convinced the healer to be dragged around Icecrown.

Mind you, if you bring a low level healer into Icecrown that cannot fly... the zone is designed under the assumption that you can fly. Plus there are phased areas. As a 'lock, you can bypass the need to fly with some clever summoning. However, if you summon to a phased area, the individual will show up in the phase they are in. It may not be the same one you are in, thus you won't see each other. For the curious, you can /target them still, which is interesting.

Also, be mindful that the cauldron quest "Basic Chemistry" can be a bit buggy. Blizz knows of this and is working to resolve it. We spied a cauldron without an orange glow on it that was farthest from the entrance that gave us good luck. We'd previously had some troubles with glitchy behavior and bad raid warnings. This last one worked like a charm. Be it because of the lack of orange glow or the actual cauldron itself... who knows? Keep in mind that to complete this one, you'll need at least two people with the neutralizing agent due to cooldown issues on the item. You'll probably want at least one more person to help with the crap that spawns. A couple passerby helped us on our final attempt which was quiet pleasant and went swimmingly.

All of the other fights are just large boss-types. If you have a good tank (like I'm fortunate enough to have), you will only need minimal heals for the fights, but will definitely need some. A lower level healer worth their salt can do it, as ours did. Be careful of AoEs and other random things that will kill the healer right quick though. In the ring of blood-type boss fight (Battle for Vahallas or some such), the first round is a bunch of randoms which will zip straight to the poor low level tree if you are not ready. Other than that, just keep the tree at max range and you'll be fine.

So grab yourself a healer in need of experience, a good tank, and a couple DPS and knock these out. They have decent rewards and are pretty fun. Plus, we could all use a few more healers at the level cap.

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  1. hehe, I'm with you on being back to work and the blogosphere. I find that I can't keep up with reading all my favorite blogs when I'm at home, too many reasons to stay in-game.