Friday, November 14, 2008

A View To a New Kill

It's time again for a picture post. I haven't really been coming up with content for here because, obviously, I've been playing a lot. Fuu and I had today off, so we stayed up late last night and got to 71. Today we rolled Death Knights to see what they're all about. I promise not to reveal any plot spoilers, but did want to share some cool pictures from around the World... of Warcraft.

Valiance Keep
This is a lovely view from outside the keep. I thought it was real cool how you're almost immediately immersed in combat. Really a "beach head" type feel.

Overlooking the Field of Battle
I thought this is a cool picture looking towards the beach area. Blizz always does a really good job making skies. Have you ever noticed that?

Escape from the Temple City
We were complete nerds after storming this city for a quest. We were definitely singing the "Indiana Jones" theme song as we ran out. Even with the multitude of people, there were no lag issues on our server AND the spawn rates were sufficient so you didn't have to wait a godawful amount of time for a mob.

In the Service of the King
Like I said, no plot spoilers, but I really love my new DK. The fighting style is just oh so fun on them. Fuu and I decided to reverse traditional gender roles, plus see my previous post about Kate Beckinsale and you'll know why I designed the character I did. Two thumbs up to Blizz on the design of this area. I think my Warlock is gonna be jealous though.

Dead Sexy
We dinged a couple of times on our DK's doing the extremely fun beginning quests. Another beautiful sky in the background. I'll probably leave this vixen sitting in Outlands for a while because right now those zones are flooded with DKs. I still have a few levels to go before we get to that point though.

And that's it. More content perhaps to follow as I come up with it, but I really don't want to discuss quests and such on here and ruin the experiences for anyone. I still have yet to set foot in an instance, but leveling hasn't been nearly as painful as I had feared. The zones are just so... pretty!

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