Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vampiric Warlockery

So my little sister turned me on to a little group of books called the Twilight Saga. You may have heard of them. There is even a movie coming out soon.

First, aside, a little known fact about me: I love Vampires. I just have always loved the stories, myths, lore, everything. There are so many good vampire tales out there. From TV series (yes, I was a Buffy AND Angel fan!), to movies (who wasn't sort of in love with Kate Beckinsale in Underworld?!), to classic books (Dracula anyone?). Maybe its just me.

So I got turned on to this series in which Vampires play an essential role. Needless to say, I love the books. Very engaging, well written, fun reads. I'm a decently fast reader, but I started the first book yesterday and will probably finish it tonight; I can't put it down. Then again, being a bibliophile, I'm that way with most books. Who needs crack, right?

In any case, as I was doing my daily dailies last night, I got to thinking: I wonder if there is a link between my love for Vampires and my choosing a Warlock. I mean, if you're going to pick one class in WoW that is most like a Vampire, wouldn't it be warlocks. Even more specifically, wouldn't it be affliction warlocks with our "damage you, heal me" mentality?

I think one of the things that has always drawn me to Vampires is the moral ambiguity presented in a lot of novels. Vampires are not always pure evil. Sure, they have a strong disposition for evil, but the best Vampire stories seem to involve a misunderstood Vampire who is inherently good and must fight the evil temptation; the internal struggle of being exceedingly powerful yet compassionate; Good vs Evil personified.

Could not the same be said about Warlocks? We are most certainly morally ambiguous. I mean... I love dotting squirrels and watching my puppy eat them. That's evil. However, I'm also not down with letting the Horde pick on lowbies or the scourge infecting all the NPCs (yes, I fought the zombies). Also, I fight alongside a freaking Paladin!

I also love my little vampiric batling I got from the recent holiday Kara boss.

There really isn't a point to this other than I thought it was an interesting parallel and those are good books. Read 'em if you're looking for something, or check out the movie when you get burned out from a weekend of levelling. I believe it comes out in 9 days, so like next Thursday. We'll all be 80 by then... right? Right?! *sigh*

Why did you pick the class you did? Crazy insatiable thirst for blood? It "just looked cool"? BRRAAAINS? Wait, we found the cure for that last one. Sorry, forgot.


  1. First off, <3 for the Twilight books.

    I rolled a priest because I thought I would be a force of good. And then I learned shadowform, and it was all over from there. My fiance rolled a lock, and he, too, loves the moral ambiguity.

  2. tehehe, I love Kate Beckinsale... honestly I rolled my lock primarily because he was the closes to a Necromancer from D2 but over the years Kinzlayer have grown his own uniqueness rather then a copy of some Necro.

  3. If I picture Kate Beckinsale in the Twilight books (I think she would make a good Alice, but that is just me, perhaps a bit old for the characters...), then that is just too much win. :-)

    I think I also really like the concept of having all that time, seeing all those ages (immortality and all). On one hand it would be heartbreaking (in so many love stories), but on the other...

  4. I rolled a Paladin because I've always loved being able to walk into any room and know that they can't kill a cockroach :)

    For one thing, I wear plate, I can heal, DPS, tank, and look super hot in my gear. What more could you ask for?


  5. First off, you should really try playing on an RP server sometime. I think you'd really enjoy it (even though we tend to get griefed a lot, lol).

    Personally, I've always been a fan of the darker characters in other games (Vincent from FF7, Alucard from Castlevania, Magus from Chrono Trigger) so picking a Warlock was a no brainer. I didn't start off as one though. I started off as a Mage because they were my favorite class in Final Fantasy Tactics but I stopped at 35ish to re-roll as a Warlock.

    <3 Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.

  6. Yeah, my goal is try to have a character on each server type. I just started a PvP hordie during the last patching process (when my server was down and a PvP was up). I think it'd be cool to try RP as well.

    The main thing for me has always been playing with friends, and that's why I'm on the server I'm on and will most likely stick there. However, no harm in seeing the World... of Warcraft :-).