Monday, November 10, 2008

Take It To The Bank

Chances are you've heard about this expansion coming out on Thursday. I know, I know, "Crazy!" right? I think we've all read up and done a heck of a lot to try and prepare ourselves for the "new world" coming our way.

One thing we often overlook: banks. From what I understand, it seems that people either take one of two approaches:
  1. Throw it all away! All this will be WORTHLESS, lets get rid of it.
  2. HORDE HORDE HORDE... or is it hoard? Either way, I want it ALL!

You may fall somewhere in the middle, but you get the point. This is all well and good, but for most of us we're still overlooking a very useful part of the game... Guild Banks.

What do we do with these monsters? Spring.... er Fall cleaning?

If your guild bank is like ours, it probably is home to dozens of worthless items. That is to say, items that someone at sometime just wanted to get out of their bank, but didn't really want to throw it away for various reasons. Maybe it was tough for them to acquire, maybe it isn't worth anything to AH, or, my personal favorite "the vendor does not want this item".

If only I could display that message in our Guild Bank.

So I ask the masses, what do you look for in a guild bank? With the impending doom of an expansion, now is the ideal time to freshen up things and try to make our banks more useful. Do you throw away stuff to make room for the new items that are sure to come? What is worth keeping? What do you find useful about a guild bank? Are you organized or a pack rat? Do you want that to change?

The way our Guild Bank is set up is with four tabs. The first two are for general purpose goods and gear. Everyone has access to these and can take out a stack a day. Right now, we have a lot of "leveling" gear that does not seem to be used ever. We also have things like "essences of water", which used to be valuable, but I don't know ever were used in recipes later on. We have various levels of pots and common glyphs and gems. In short, a lot of crap that may or may not prove useful.

The other two tabs contain crafting materials for the most part. These are used by officers to stock up the first two tabs with useful items and to supply our raids. We have TONS of shards since no one is really "gearing up" right now. Most of our recent raiding has just been for fun and the occasional badge. On one hand, it is nice to just experience content. On the other, its rough seeing so much gear sharded. We also have a good variety of herbs for pots, but most of the commonly used ones are not stocked. People have grown lax on the farming with the certain change looming on the horizon. That's fine, but makes me question the usefulness of the items that aren't "sold out".

I'm of the mind to just convert a lot of things to straight cash and put that in the bank. I mean gold is gold, we can always buy things we find are useful/needed. Also, I think we're going to need room when everyone starts the leveling process again for items that can really help. Plus, who wants to wade through a bunch of crap for that one nugget of usefulness?

There are a couple problems with maintaining a Guild Bank though.

First, it is a communal space. That means everyone has some opinion/say on what to keep and what to toss. What I may value as a Warlock is a lot different from say... a crazy Paladin named Fuubaar. There are also those that just *can't* throw anything away. Face it, most of us in this game are pack rats. Some more than others. Thus, how do we approach getting rid of stuff without causing people fits of OCD-inspired panic?

Second, we don't really *know* what is going to be useful. We all have our guesses, but until we all have played in the new world for a while, we won't really know where the "important items" are. Some items that we think are going to be hard to find, will end up being easy. Other items it will seem just the opposite.

These issues make it difficult to answer the question "How can I make my bank more useful." Even if you're only dealing with your personal bank, the second problem exists. So I guess what I want to know is: What's in your wallet? Or bank...

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  1. My guilds GB is currently a mess. It's packed with herbs and uncooked meat, enchanting mats, old world cloth, bags and other things. I'm hoping to just sell it all on the AH and put the money in the guild bank incase we have to buy raiding items later.

    On the other hand, I like keeping that kind of stuff around incase someone levels an alt and needs the meat to level cooking or the cloth for first aid or tailoring.