Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tag, You're It

During my recent leveling binges, I have noticed that trying to tag mobs as a Warlock in a highly contested area can be quite annoying. I guess I had never noticed before because I hadn't ever been through the craziness that is an expansion. However, the fact of the matter is that you have to be quite crafty as a Warlock to try and tag a mob, but even then it can be a matter of luck. Thanks goes out to The Warlock's Den for reporting on the following:

Originally Posted by Grimshadows on the official forums
Saw a great thread on the suggestions forums and i thought i would bring it here: Instant dots need to tag mobs.

To put the thread briefly, warlocks need a quick and simple way of tagging mobs. I very often run into a situation where I can start casting or dot a mob, and dome one sees I'm doing it, so they will give the mob a light hit. Tag it and let me stay with the aggro. Since it's tapped I can't CC it away from me.
  • Shadow burn had to long of a cool down and a heavy reagent cost.
  • Death coil had a long CD to use it for grinding and it has the side effect of bringing other mobs you didn't want to bring to the mix.
  • Instant dots don't help, the delay in damage some one can just walk up and smack the mob for 2 damage and it's their and I'm stuck with the aggro as they stand there and unwillingly watch me kill it for them
  • Our Damaging drain spells you have to stand still to long for to tag a mob and cast it. Most classes have an efficient way of moving towards a mob and tagging it quickly.
All I'm asking is if there is a way to make something very simple, doesn't matter what it is, and instant somethings that does some small amount of damage and is on no cd just for the sake of tagging it.

Practically every class has something that's trainable or specd to instant tag mobs.

anyone with good hearted suggestions?
Ghostcrawler responds:
We just talked about this and agree that it's dumb you have to go to such theatrics just to tag a mob. We'll try to get this fixed.
No, we should just be able to make a spell tag regardless of how it does damage. That would be the more robust implementation.

I wonder what they have up their sleeves? In any case, keep your eye out for a change to that effect. Boy, would that be nice.


  1. YES! I hated that so much about being a Warlock when BC had first came out. I'd be stuck pulling with Immolate but still missed out on the tag most of the time. It's the same now as a Shadowpriest - I'm forced to pull with Shadow Word: Death =\.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately we probably won't see a fix until a patch, which means it may miss the "main push" of leveling. However, better late than never, IMO.

    Making a DoT case "tag" a mob is the easiest and most robust way to fix this as they've mentioned, and that'd be fine. However, I would really love to get an initial damage dealing instant cast (even if minimal). Something like the Icy Touch for DK's would be cool :-).

  3. What they could do is change the mechanics of Searing Pain - make it instant cast but give it a, say, 6 second cooldown. That way it's still viable for PvP (about the only time I've used it) and you can tap a mob with it, dealing some nice damage up front, plus you don't have to be concerned with the 'high amount of aggro' when solo-ing. That would be the easiest way, imo, for them to sort this out, and I'd be happy with just that.

  4. That's a good idea, but what about those of us who duo (or more) our way up?

    Granted, if you're with another class who can tag, it's not AS important. However, part of the benefit to duo quests is to spread out kill quests and get 'em done quicker.

    Aggro may or may not be a problem here, but I'd rather not have it *sometimes* be a problem when I want to let my static pally do what she's specced for. Also, I still have a hatred for fire spells, but that is more of a personal problem :-).

  5. We don't want DoTs to tag, remember not too long after the Orgila place opened up warlocks were being blame for stealing mobs with our DoTs which resulted in having to do significant dmg to tag a mob, then later on when people complained about our being able to banished their demon mobs when they steal them from us, resulting in not being able banished a tagged mob that is not yours. I hate the fact that I have to Drain Life to tag a mob and loosing the tag when someone else are able to burst more dmg then my DL to steal the mob from me but I rather not have to deal with people again QQ'ing about our DoTs.

  6. Good call, why can't we just have a comparable "tagging" spell? like a moderate cooldown, moderate damaging, instant cast spell. Not something that's going to become a raid staple, but something that helps out with tagging...