Monday, November 24, 2008

Swappin Specs

I hit 73 and decided to do my first ever respec. First ever?! Yeah, that's right, I don't really like to respec a lot. Also, since I'm not a hybrid, I don't really have reason to. I loves me some afflictioning, and that's the end of it. Dual specs will be nice to try other stuff, but I'm not going to waste gold when I know what I want in the first place.

However, I had specced for levelling prior to the whole healthstone change they slipped in. If you don't know what I'm referring to, be aware that now you can only have ONE healthstone no matter what level. Most warlocks have already experienced this, but I do run into the random druid or hunter now and then that doesn't get out much. (Just kidding; I'm jealous I'm not at 80 yet with as much win).

This means that that one talent point I always specced into my Improved Healthstone is pretty useless. You should either fill it up or leave it blank, as everyone will want the best stone if there is more than one warlock. If none of you have the improved, then the rest of 'em can shut up and be happy with what they get. It's just not really worth the points anymore, IMO. Thus, I needed to respec out of it to not waste that point. I took this opportunity to re-examine my spec too and perhaps find some other little tweaks.

This brought Improved Life Tap onto my radar. Since getting haunt worked into my rotation, I have never been low on mana. Not even close. If I'm ever below 50%, I basically get a free life tap every time haunt runs up without even worrying a healer if I'm clever. This made me question how useful the "Improved" version is. For the most part, I "demon tap" anyways. Couldn't these two points be better spent elsewhere? I think yes, and will see how much I miss the bonus from life tap. So far, it was only a problem when I was talking on the cell phone while fighting a boss (bad, bad warlock I know, but it was my mother and gaming is still not a good enough excuse not to chat with her apparently). In that case, I just didn't have the fingers to tap enough. In another fight where my puppy died, it still wasn't a problem, so I'm thinking this is a good place to trim points if you're feeling like I am.

I'm also getting rid of my points in Eradication (the haste talent). I haven't really noticed it and won't miss it. I will probably fill this one up by the time I hit 80, but no use having it now as there are other talents that will give you more bang for your talent point.

I'm still not worried about pushback, so I'm not filling up fel concentration either. I still liked the 2 points I had in it though and didn't feel like putting them elsewhere, so I will just leave it.

So, for now, with my "extra" talent points I'm going to fill up Nightfall to get more of those procs. It's pretty sweet when I start proccing with Nightfall and the Glyph of Corruption... S-bolt machine gun ftw. I also plan on getting the second tier destruction talent that increases the hit rating for my shadow bolt to match Suppression for my DoTs. This way I will be hit capped (356 with these two talents) much earlier and can focus on other stats. At some point, I'll probably want move those points out as I get extra hit on upgrades anyways. In my experience, that won't be until I've been raiding for a while though.

So, here's what I look like at 73:

And here is what I plan to be at 80:

I'm filling up a couple of talents earlier than I'd planned to take advantage of the bonus damage. Mainly this is the Shadow Embrace talent, which I'm finding stacks nicely when you have a haunt early on and then hit shadow bolts later. The nice part is that each stack appears to reset the debuff timer, so it doesn't run out too quick and stays up the entirity of a boss fight with little to no thought.

All in all, I think its a good plan and not a bad way to spend my 1G. :-)


  1. I have never been a big fan of Imp Lifetap as Affliction because I usually get plenty from Dark Pact. I became even less a fan when it stopped benefiting from spellpower and started getting its boost from spirit. I'm still not big on the whole spirit deal for Warlocks.

    I've also never been big on Eradication. It just didn't proc enough to feel worth the points.

    I think you've made changes for the better.

  2. Yeah, those were kind of my thoughts as well. They're okay ideas, but not really worth the talent points in the end. I think Eradication needs tweaking for how deep it is in the tree.

    I'm definitely not missing the Imp Lifetap.

  3. On further thought, what I may do is move those Eradication points over to Ruin, is it a five spot? If so I could grap the Fel Concentration points once I start raiding. They aren't really useful when you have a tank around.