Saturday, November 8, 2008

Such a Good Dog

Blizz recently posted this on their forums:

We recently changed the way defensive stance works for pets. In the old design, the pet would not attack a target that you were attacking until it did something to generate threat - typically attacking you. In the new design, as soon as you attack a target, the pet will attack the target too. Our thinking was that this made defensive a little easier to use and you still have passive to override that behavior.

However, we have heard from some players (hunters mostly, though this isn't just a hunter issue) that they prefer the old defensive stance. We wanted to get a little more feedback from players on the issue.

Personally, I have enjoyed the new design, as I have been able to not worry about adding or deleting a "/petattack" line in my macros. I primarily use my Felhunter, and in raids he seems to be pretty smart. He doesn't die a whole lot on AoE attacks and such, and if its a problem I just have him sit next to me like a good boy. What do you think? Better let blizz know if us Warlocks want to keep it this way... those pesky hunters...

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