Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pop It Like It's Trinkety (Or Something)

I felt compelled to share another macro. This one is what I have bound to my "1" button as shown in previous posts. It is extremely useful for two reasons. The first, and easiest, is that it binds two spells to one key. The second is that it pops your trinket whenever they become ready to use. Keeping your trinkets in use is a cheap way to get a little DPS boost. Here is the actual macro text:

/use Dark Iron Smoking Pipe
/use Scryer's Bloodgem
/cast [nomod] Corruption
/cast [mod:alt] Curse of Agony

  • Line 1: I've mentioned the showtooltip command in the past, so we will waste no time on it. This isn't really a functional part of the macro, it is just nice to have.
  • Line 2: The /use command is how to pop a trinket or any item that has a "Use:" function. I insert the correct name of my trinket, but you could refer to the slot numbers here. I was too lazy to look up the slot numbers, but the command would look something like: /use 14 or /use 13. I just looked those up, so they should be correct and maybe I'll switch them myself later tonight.
  • Line 3: Same deal as 2.
  • Line 4: This is a modified cast command. The part in the brackets tells you what modifier will be used, in this case it is "nomod" meaning this is my default spell for that button (and the default picture if you choose the ? icon). You can actually specify the rank of the spell, and if you hold left click in your spellbook and click on the spell while making your macro, you will see the name come up "Corruption (Rank #)". If you removed the part in parenthesis like I did, it will automatically cast the highest ranking spell. It may be useful to downrank in other cases, but I normally do not. The only spell I used to downrank was Curse of Recklessness (to help control fear).
  • Line 5: Same as 4, except modified to use the "alt" key. Thus, when I hold down alt, the picture should change (if using the "?" icon) and I will cast CoA. Same deal with rankings here.

And that's it. Drag the icon from where you create it to your button bar, and you're good to go. I like having my trinkets on this button for a number of reasons.

First, for trash, you will probably only get one trinket "pop" for the duration of the fight. As explained, I try to spread Corruption around, so I'm hitting this button a lot. Thus, whenever I possibly can have a trinket up, it will be used.

Second, one of these two spells are almost always the first spells I cast. This is when I would like to pop my trinkets anyways in order to give my DoTs the greatest possible benefit. For people who prefer to pop them before the shadowbolt filler, you may want to make a macro with "use" on that spell.

Third, for boss fights, I almost never update Corruption, but I do have to update CoA every 24s. Again, this aligns well with the cool down of my trinkets and keeps them popped almost constantly when they're ready. You may be asking, then, what if they're not ready? Well in that case you get that annoying little message "Item is not ready" at the top of your screen. I just ignore it, but it can be disabled as well if it gets in your way. The key here is that it doesn't cause your macro to get "stuck" and will still cast your spells.

All in all, this is a very simple macro that is a good "lead off" hitter for any cast sequence, depending on your play style. I use a similar structure on many other buttons to place multiple spells on one key. Modifiers are the shizznit.


  1. Nice macro. I use something pretty similar, although I don't have it linked to Corruption or a curse, mostly just Incinerate or Shadowbolt.
    It is going to be better if you use the /use 13 and /use 14 commands if you ever get a new trinket; that way you don't have to adjust all yoru macros to suit the new trinket, just equip it and off you go.
    Also, the last two lines can be summed up into one line (not really any point except when you start to hit the 255 character limit) like so:
    /cast [modifier:alt] Curse of Agony; Corruption;
    Nice blog, too. Found you via the BA forums, and def. getting added to my blogroll.

  2. Thanks. I'll put you up there too. I'd been reading yours but was hoping your hiatus wasn't a more permanent one. RL can be a pain. Good stuff though.

    I like using the slot numbers as well, I just had deleted the last macro I had with the numbers and didn't look them up until I started writing about it.

    Also, combining is nice, but it can be harder to understand what's going on, especially if something is broken. However, it definitely saves characters.