Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pally Power: Talented Tanking

Since the Paladin Protection Talent tree has received a major reworking, there is not yet a “cookie-cutter” spec. To be honest, I love it! It gives me the freedom to place my talent points into areas that I feel are slacking, and to ignore places that don’t quite need the attention at the moment. Also, it gives me the pleasure of testing it out while I’m leveling without someone scrutinizing my set up.

Sometimes I can’t help myself from messing around with the talent calculator on wowhead just to see what odd spec I can create. Here is what I have found to be a practical leveling spec; I feel that it covers all of my bases:

I Feel Talented

To start off with, Improved Devotion Aura has received a rather nice boost since this last patch. Not only does it give your armor a helping hand, but it also increases how much we are healed. This seems more useful than having Retribution Aura up because I feel that the mitigated damage and the +healing outweigh the benefits of keeping Ret Aura up. Ret Aura would then be used on occasion when rounding up a ton of lowbie mobs and it’s rather enjoyable to watch them beat themselves to death. /evilgrin

Reckoning is one of those talents that could be invested in or not. My feeling on the whole thing is if I’m generating an extra swing, it will generate more threat over boss fights or longer fights in general. Now with trash mobs, you might not ever see these talents put into play. For me, I’m going to invest 3 points in Hammer of Justice because I will find that more useful while I’m leveling. This will most likely change after I’m geared and ready to go into raids.

Blessing of Sanctuary is something that you do not want to pass up. This blessing is what I will be taking over Blessing of Kings. It reduces damage from all sources by 3% and every time you mitigate damage, you regenerate mana. This will help when we are getting hit a lot but not hurt. This blessing also gives you the ability to get the best out of this tree such as Holy Shield, Avenger’s Shield (Tankidan’s one of few pulling abilities), and Shield of the Templar.

I have invested 5 talents in Seals of the Pure because I use Seal of Vengeance every time I hit something. Why not get the most Bang for your Talent point? It increases damage (read: threat) while saving mana by limiting the need for other spells for threat generation: PRICELESS!

Since I have 6 talent points left to spend, I will be thinking long and hard as to where they should go. I have seen many builds that go into the Retribution Tree to get Pursuit of Justice because of the movement speed, but I currently have a Meta Gem that does the same thing. Others invest it in getting Blessing of Kings for their raid party. I have also played with the thought of investing into the Holy Tree to receive an Intellect boost. I’m thinking if I have a threat problem, I will go with the Intellect boost for the extra mana. If not, then I will put them in Blessing of Kings.

Once I hit 80 and start gearing up, I plan to post about my in-game findings and what spec seems to be working for me in Heroics and Raids.

Edit: I (Fulguralis) was able to add a picture to Fuu's post a day later... when she originally posted apparently our network was having a bad day.


  1. Great post! My tankadin is 61 and I've been leveling as Prot for awhile now. It's good to know what I should be taking for leveling and what I should be taking later on down the line. I prefer Sanc over Kings for the mana regen as well. Between that and Holy Shield I usually don't drop below 50% mana no matter how long the encounter is. I'm also loving Hammer of the Righteous.. I think it's the noise it makes?

  2. If I use Sanc, Seal of Wisdom, and judge the mob(s) with Wisdom I never EVER have a mana problem but...

    I will have a MAJOR threat problem if my little Warlock is with me.

    "Get this thing off of my face please" QQ Mr. Lock