Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pally Power (Not The Addon) and Some Links.

So my partner in crime has decided that she would like to contribute to the blogosphere. I plan to let her have a couple posts to cover all things Pally. Now, before you all complain: "This is a Warlock blog! Paladins are the Light to our Dark!", I will agree with you. However, the title of this blog is Killing 'Em Slowly, and that is indeed what a protection paladin does. Thus, not completely off topic. A reach? Sure, but it is my blog.

I will try to put a tag on her posts so you know what to expect, and will still cover the things I enjoy. Namely: darkness, death, warlockery, DKs, and some officer stuff. Fuubaar will guest post with the lighter side of things and perhaps add another officer perspective. We'll see how it goes. Definitely give us feedback. We're both learning and enjoying sharing our experiences.

Look for her first post to come soon, I don't know the topic yet, only that she has ideas. She wanted me to note that she is not as fast as I am at cranking stuff out, so be patient with her. If it does not interest you, all 10 of you (yay double digit readers and thank you!!), then just skip me that day :-). However, I'm sure most of you will enjoy another perspective on things, especially if she proves helpful.

Other than that, not much else is going on. If you're tuning in for DK information, check out The Stoppable Force for a great post on rotations (pretty similar to my musings on a DK rotation earlier). Also, Skeleton Jack has proven to be a great resource for me. Kudos to him for not letting little things like sleep prevent him from getting to 80 so dang fast AND finding the energy to come up with some good posts.

The Warlock love is a little thin right now as we haven't had any major breaking news for a while. MC talked about the benefits of Shadow Embrace which I picked up in my lastest respec and am finding it really easy to keep SE up with my rotation, plus it's beneficial in the DPS department. It's hard to tell how I'm really doing on DPS since I've been instancing and questing with people of all different levels. I've really grown into the four button technique that I laid out just before the expansion, and it seems very flexible and easy to keep up, IMO. At the very least, my DPS has been competitive for the top spot in the 5-mans even when running with a hunter two levels above me (who happens to be a very good player as well: we often competed in our raids for top spot).

I haven't even replaced a whole lot of gear, just picked up the dagger from the first boss in UK for the most part. I've been told that will last quite a while, so if you don't have it, it may be worth your time to pick it up. I should be catching up to the levelling curve a bit this weekend after Thanksgiving festivities because I will have some time off work.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, there is a pretty cool boot enchant (Icewalker I believe) that can help you pick up some extra hit early on. I haven't gotten too deep in levelling my profs yet, but that just stuck out.

Finally, if you're looking for something to read and it's not blocked where you are. Head on over to The Warlock's Den via my link on the right. I have to read this on my iPhone at work (/evilgrin), so I don't have clever links for you. However, they have a bunch of great guides up on there already; All the 5-man instances are discussed, there's a great listing of the current crop of daily quests in Northrend (if you've hit 80 or really can't wait to get dailies?!), and a great discussion regarding spirit and its importance (or lack thereof) to Warlocks everywhere. Check it out.


  1. Lol one of my alts is a prot pally so the new posts should be right up my alley. I look forward to their contributions =)

  2. Good. I also think there is a good synergy with having some tanking information up. An understanding of basic tanking mechanisms will only serve to help DPS do their job better :-).

  3. ah poo, I really wish there was a clever link to the Den. I may just have to ask to borrow a coworker's iPhone.