Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pally Power: It Isn't Easy Being For The Light

As Kermit D. Frog best stated, “It isn’t easy being Green”. Well Kermit, it isn’t easy being for the Light either. I’m finding that many people have had their fill of the changes and roll something else. It makes it difficult for those of us who are left behind because then we have to learn through trial and error with only a small sample size.

I had previously played a tank in FFXI (our previous MMO) and I fell in love with the thought of protecting my group and feeling unkillable. I figured that there would be differences in WoW, but the concepts that I enjoyed were still there. Having the ability to adapt to any situation that the game could throw at me: BRING IT ON!

Since I knew that I was going to get the fine opportunity to run and level statically with a crazy Affliction Warlock (*wink wink*), I recognized that I would need to fill in some gaps such as healing, tanking, and the occasional rez. A pally would team up well with a warlock, so I chose to roll a paladin and never looked back. I commenced to do as much research as I possibly could with regard to my class and the game itself. When Fulguralis and I embarked on our adventure, we were graciously accepted into a guild named Generations because of a RL friend of ours. There were many helpful and knowledgeable people within the community so it was a great place to start to collect information and find answers to my questions. This was also when I started to see some problems.

Out of our large selection of members, we only had one protection specced paladin, and, even then, he was rarely online. We had several other tanks but none were paladins. While they could be helpful when it came to general tanking techniques, obviously they couldn’t help me with wielding the Light. This was when I started to dig up blogs and guides on WoWHead, but they all seemed to come up short for me. Most of the time I would come across something useful, and it was either out of date or I would have to read through numerous pages to find only a few goodies. I was also seeing a trend that few are writing anything new about the massive changes that Blizzard keeps throwing on our plates (not to be confused with our gear). It was easy to understand why paladin tanks were rare gems. Long story short, I felt like I was on my own to learn how to tank as a paladin, which caused quite a lot of carnage.

So that brings us to today. I am Fuubaar, a level 74 Protection Paladin with some dented plate armor and a corpse running achievement. Well, Blizzard needs to work on adding that, but if it were there: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. I am not going to pretend I’m great at theory-crafting, but I do want to share with you what I’ve learned in order to hopefully save you repair bills and that achievement. Also, I’d love to hear what you have learned through your own trials, and maybe clear up some of the confusion that’s out there with all the changing.

I have three posts planned out. The first one I’m working on will cover my spec and thoughts on the protection tree. Then I’d like to follow up with some gear choices and finish off with some threat generation tips. Look for those soon, as I’m going to try and kick out at least one a week. Please let me know if there are other things you’d like to see, as I’ll probably be doing the research anyways, but will try not to restate what’s already been said.

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