Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Dead Bosses

Because I like to keep things colorful around here, here are some more screenies of first time kills I've had recently (yes, we're flying through things with the nerf).

Fathom Lord Sent to the Deep

This is a rather difficult fight, but reminded me a lot of when you're first learning Moroes in Kara. There are a lot of adds with this guy, so a large portion of your success is going to be determined by how you set up fight. The pull and positioning is really key in this one. This can be the test of a good RL and add management.

Defeat Your Inner Demon

This is a very fun and different fight. Great for a warlock as you'll be looked to to tank (?!). I did not do that on this particular run, as I don't really have the stamina gear for it. You probably need about 15k health (raid buffed) and some fire resistance doesn't hurt. Giving each class a chance to solo DPS a mob is pretty cool too. Make sure you clear out the room first as this whirling dervish will spin all over the place.

Boss In The Bank?

Or just an epic glitch. I turned around from a vendor and... What do we have here? Bring it!

Yay X-Perl!

I also thought you might like to see my screen in a raid environment. I like X-perl for the ease of customization. As you can see, it keeps things decently clean.

Random Thoughts

I did some more raid testing on my sequence last night and found that I don't really like Immolate in the sequence. It didn't seem to affect my DPS all that much one way or the other, but made it more of a headache to keep up my rotation on bosses. I pretty much just substituted where I would hit some shadow blots earlier, and used it instead of UA on most trash, but Corruption and Shadow Bolts were still my top two spells at around 26% and 21% of my damage done. Immolate was a distant 6th on the one boss fight I used it (Lurker). With the rumblings that Blizz may remove Immolate from being useful in our sequence, I'm inclined to just do without it for now. At least until they settle their minds on what they want to do with it.


  1. Leotheras is one of my favorite encounters in the game and was fun to learn as Affliction with all of the aggro dumps. I hated it as Demonology since my Felguard always seemed to get stuck in the Whirlwind. Lots of dismissing and resummoning T_T. Congrats on the downings!

  2. Fo'sho. Aggro dumps are definitely a PITA with Affliction. I did throw down on ~1200 DPS on Tidewalker with the sit and DoT type fight. Made me feel better about my rotation as I took "top lock" honors on the encounter, beating out our destro lock who is quite a player himself and consistently tops the boards.

    Not to stroke the ego, but it indicates that affliction has the capability to raid right up there with destro, which is a good thing

  3. Ever since they nerfed Improved Shadowbolt and Demonic Sacrifice is no longer really an option, Destruction has been suffering unless you have a really deep build. I think it's just the gear available at 70. I did fine on my Alliance Warlock who has about 1500 spellpower (raid buffed) with a deed Destruction build using fire spells, empowered Imp and Backdraft.. but it's just not for me. I need my Felguard lol.