Thursday, November 13, 2008

Northrend or Bust

I won't chat much today as I'm eager to get out of my work responsibilities so I can go join the rest of y'all in Northrend. Here are some blue posts that may be off interest to you though, courtesy of The Warlock's Den:

To ensure a smooth transition to Wrath of the Lich King, we recommend that players who have newly upgraded their accounts, log into the game and log out completely for a short period of time in order for their account to fully update.

And this:

As many players have noticed, there have been service issues which resulted in additional downtime over the last two days, and we would like to provide an update as to what the issues were as well as what we are doing to address them. During yesterday’s maintenance, an issue occurred which resulted in mail not displaying properly in players’ mailboxes. We have now identified the cause of this issue and are currently working on resolving it. Players should begin to receive the impacted mail over the next several days. Our customer service team will be unable to expedite the resolution for this issue. We appreciate your patience as the automatic fix is implemented.

In addition, an issue occurred last night where certain Arena and Honor items were displaying their costs incorrectly. The costs of the affected items have been corrected. Our in-game support department is currently working to resolve any problems that came with this issue, and we would like to ask that you please remain patient during this process.

We understand the frustrations and difficulties that you may have experienced surrounding the recent issues and extended maintenance. As such, we will be providing 1-day game time compensation for the recent events within the next two weeks. Please check the Account Management page after the two-week period to verify the game time has been successfully added to the account. As always, thank you for your patience regarding the recent issues, and we look forward to seeing you in Northrend!

Additionally, if you're taking a reading break from your levelling madness, here are a couple amusing posts.

The first can be found on MMO Champion and proves that Blizzard employees aren't all business.

The second is over at the Crave, and is some good photographic coverage of a midnight opening. Since I wasn't there in spirit, this post cheered me up a bit. Also, this post gives some good "box shots".

Additionally, if you're reading this anytime in the next two days, chances are you're stuck at work like me and unable to enjoy the awesomeness that awaits. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. :-)

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