Friday, November 28, 2008

Hit Cap Shenanigans

If you head on over to the Warlock's Den, you may notice a wonderful post detailing the calculation of hit cap (it recently got moved off the front page and now I can't find it to link it, apologies). I have also previously linked MC's hit cap musings. What I found was, they're different. How can this be?! But wait a minute... now they're the same. Am I taking crazy pills?!

Upon further investigation, we see that Nibuca commented on her own post that a different scalar was used originally. She has since changed the post to reflect the correct values. Apparently some sources aren't the same as others. For the record, 1% spell hit at 80 = 26.231 hit points. This has been verified by players at level 80 and leads to a final hit cap value of 446 (or 368 with the various talents).

In any case, the bottom line is that, at 80, you'll somehow need to make up the 17% that level 83 bosses will be resisting your spells. The easiest method is to pay attention to your stat screen in your character menu. Mouse over the hit and you'll know right away where you stand. The only problem with this that it doesn't take into account the talents you have specced, so make sure you add that in.

The new numbers above should be good, but in case Blizz changes something, you'll be able to check for yourself.

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