Thursday, November 20, 2008

Disney World? No Just WoW.

Am I the only one who thought the boat ride into the Howling Fjord sort of resembled a ride at Disney World? The fire in those ships looked pretty darn cool.

Utgarde Keep is kind of hard to miss as well.

As I mentioned Monday, we completed both instances this past weekend and today I'm devoting to UK related pictures. I actually had this post made up, ready to go on Tuesday, but I had a rough evening and forgot to post it. Then other things came up, so it got delayed. Plus, I figured to spread out the pictures a bit.

First off, the waterfall view going into the instance is pretty sweet as well. The instance itself reminded me a lot of the Ramparts, but prettier. If you call crazy nordic looking men hellbent on killing you pretty, that is. The good news is that this instance is quick and quite a bit easier than the Nexus (as you would expect with level requirements). Since I did things backwards, I guess the difference was more glaring to me.

There are a pair of lesser bosses that stand between you and the last guy: Ingvar the Plunderer. The first boss is pretty basic, with the exception that he'll summon some adds. Don't worry about them because even if you do kill them, he'll just make new ones, so just DPS the boss down and you'll be fine. It's a good idea to have all members stack up in front of your tank (especially if you have a pally tank) so that all the adds are sucked in an easily picked up. You'll also want to quickly DPS the icy tomb that this fella does to free up your encased group member. Being stacked and close together helps this issue as well.

The second boss is actually a pair, and if you've ever done the Romeo and Juliet fight in Karazahn, you know the basic idea behind this fight. The deal here is that if one of the two dies before the other, he becomes a ghost of himself and can do exactly the same things as he did when he was alive, but you can't kill him anymore. Thus, its a good idea to DPS one low, switch and kill the other, and then finish off the first. With that in mind, it shouldn't be too much trouble.

The final guy can be somewhat difficult. His first phase is easy enough and he'll go down quick. However, he will then get resurrected and become a lot more powerful. He does a crazy smash that is a conic AoE in front of him, so have any melee DPS make sure to stay behind him. The casters should stay at full range to avoid both that and his roar, which will silence the school of magic you're casting when he interrupts you. If you stay out of its range though, you shouldn't have a problem. Also in his second phase, he'll throw an axe out that will go to a person and then sit there and do damage. RUN AWAY FROM IT. With these tips in mind and a little luck you should have him down in no time.

You Only Die Twice

I picked up a pretty sweet dagger there that had 233 spell power on it, too. I'll take it!

Finally, after killing the sweaty savages, head out west and ride the crazy ski lift! Okay, so it isn't really for skiing, but that's what I was reminded of. Also, take a ride on the giant turtle and grab the FPs linking the Fjord with the Tundra and call it a night. Or at least that's what we did. I even used my Eye of Kilrogg to check to make sure that the turtle did, indeed, have flippers (we weren't sure).

In Addition: Second time running through UK and fighting Mr. Ingvar was much much easier. Just have your casters park it on the edge of the circle where you fight Ingvar and tank him in the middle... you should be out of range of the interrupting, silencing roar of death. The tank should dance away from the smash attack (in a straight line so as not to turn him by accident toward the melee) as it decreases the damage from that uber attack, and can help your healer out. Just take care not to LOS your healer behind those damned pillars. Casters can fan out a bit to lessen the likelihood of an axe getting them all too. Just make sure to pay attention to your aggro if your tank is dancing a lot.


  1. The UK dagger from the first boss lasted me until 75 when you get to do the new Ring of Blood quest in Zul'drak. Very awesome piece of gear.

    Our whole group was in awe of UK from the outside and moreso inside. Blizzard really went the extra mile to make every instance really amazing so far. Ahn'kahet and The Nexus are probably the most impressive so far, IMO.

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  3. Good to know. Especially since I enchanted it with one of the more expensive ones (the +40 SP).

    Blizz has definitely done made them pretty. Nexus was my favorite so far too, but that's as far as I've gotten. I've been having a bit of altitis with my DK and just messing around, not rushing to 80.

    Mostly, I'm keeping pace with my guild. We're pretty casual so it does me no good to race to 80 and have no one to play with.

    My first response had ugly typos, hence the deletion.

  4. Hehe. I was told by someone who is 80 and already in Naxx (crazy to hear, I know) that you only need 3 weapons before Naxx. The dagger from UK until 75, the staff from Amphitheater of Anguish (new RoB) until 80 and then dagger from Kirin Tor revered until Naxx. Thats good for my lock but my priest can equip maces so my options are a little more broad.