Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blood on the Rocks

Man, there are just so many fun looking talents in the Death Knight trees that it seems very hard for me to choose. I know I want to go blood spec because I really like the survivability of it and the parallelism with being "vampiric". I've always enjoyed that part of warlocky too. I guess it's because I'm an independent player. I don't like having to rely on a healer or tank to get the job done. I guess you could say that about any class, but the ability to drain tank as a Warlock was always something I thought was pretty cool.

In any case, I fooled around with a Blood spec that I think I'm going to shoot for at 80 and here it is:

Is it the best? Probably not. But basically I went through with two things in mind: Does it help my damage or is it vampiric? That second question is more of a "want" than a "need" and probably where my tree fails as a "max DPS" spec. I also wanted to get the top blood tree talent, and wanted to buff my often used abilities in the Frost and Unholy trees, especially the DoTs. That's why you see the points there. Finally, I wanted to be able to resurrect as a ghoul when I die because my Unholy friends were doing it and I was jealous :-). It just looked like fun.

Eventually, for a raid spec, I'd probably get rid of that and some of my points in the unholy tree and pick up some of the DPS oriented talents I gave up. A big one is that second tier 2-hand specialization talent. I didn't put points there right now because I'm not sure what weapon I'll be using at 80. I may really want to dual wield (just because its cool looking or it may be best for my DPS). Until I get there, I really don't know. Thus, might as well use those points to have some fun coming back alive as a zombie now and then maybe respec later.

The same could be said about a couple other talent choices, but you get the idea.

I just wanted to show what I was doing, not pass it off as some "uber" spec. I've always subscribed to the school of thought: "What good is maxing out if you're not having fun?"

The cool thing about this spec is that I also picked up the Glyph of Rune Tap, so that my Rune Taps affect everyone in my party in addition to all the usual healing effects. Thus, we almost never finish fights with lower than 75% health. It's pretty nice and allows a smaller group to do things without a main healer if you're clever. We ran Stratholme with three DKs last week and got to the boss that drops the Key to the City. It took a long time and there were some deaths. But boy was it fun and we were running an instance without a true healer. Pretty cool, IMO. Probably won't work too well as I get to higher levels, but still, fun times.

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