Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Promised, Yay MC.

I knew someone better than I would get around to a gear analysis. As promised, here is the link that I'm sure you all know anyways. Just wanted to make a note that it is out there. Love Mystic Chicanery for Warlockery, she does a wonderful job. You don't even wanna glance at my pathetic attempts :-/. Anyhoo, here 'tis:

Pre-Naxx Gear Guide From Mystic Chicanery

With that being said, I'm nowhere near the point where I'll need to start gearing up. I've got plenty to do. I did, however, want to note that I'm planning on keeping Suppression for a while, so I'm shooting for the 356 +spell hit mark that's oh-so-important for aff'locks. Yeah, that means my s-bolts might miss a bit, but what's that old saying about how to eat an elephant? Also, it may be less of a problem now that s-bolts aren't 50% of our damage. Still, not ideal.

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